Spa Treatments

Cooling Aloe Body Wrap

Calm and soothe your skin with a mask rich in amino acids and Aloe Vera, nature’s most active vehicle for healing.  Enriched with the calming qualities of lavender and Aloe Vera, this wonderfully cooling body mask will leave skin glowing.  It is recommended for those with oily skin, sunburn or very sensitive skin.

Bikini Line Waxing

Our expert beauticians offer bikini line waxing.

Deluxe Spa Manicure

The ultimate hand and nail treatment, this manicure uses aromatic oils to moisturise and protect the cuticles, and nourish the hands and nails. 

Herb and Salt Scrub

This traditional Indian recipe was created to exfoliate dead and dry skin, achieving a glow.  The herbal recipe is made up of aroma oil, herbs and sea salt that is applied to the skin and gently rubbed to slough off the outer layer of dead skin, warm up the muscles, increase blood circulation, and relieve aching muscles and joints.

Indian Clay Body Wrap

Relax and find solace in the healing characteristics of Indian herbs as they strengthen elasticity and minimise toxic deposits.  This treatment is perfect for firming, toning and contouring after weight loss or pregnancy as it activates the circulation and boosts the metabolism, relieving aches and pains.  It also assists in the reduction of fatty deposits, cellulite, edematous body conditions and toxins by detoxifying the tissues.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Indulge in this luxuriously treatment that nourishes, hydrates and renews the skin of the feet.  Making use of the healing benefits of seaweed and mineral sea salts, the cuticles are conditioned and the skin is revitalised.

Eye Brow Shaping

Our expert beauticians offer eye brow shaping.

Body Strategist Remodeller

This nutritional reshaping treatment remodels the body, toning, smoothing and firming the skin.  It also helps to reduce adipose deposits where concentrated cellulite serum exerts a strong and reducing effect on cellulite, giving skin firm tonicity and elasticity.

The Marine Experience

Indulge in a marine ritual using seaweed and mineral-based luxury products from the world renowned marine range from Thalion.  A nourishing wrap uses the thermogenic qualities of three marine algae to counter cellulite, detoxify and firm the body.  The massage that follows uses thermo-active cream to enhance the firming and toning effects, and a facial with fucus collagen, lifts and builds the cells and radiates the skin.

Full Arm Waxing

Our expert beauticians offer full arm waxing.

Full Face Threading

Our expert beauticians offer full face threading.

Full Leg Waxing

Our expert beauticians offer full leg waxing.

Half Arm Waxing

Our expert beauticians offer half arm waxing.

Half Leg Waxing

Our expert beauticians offer half leg waxing.

Nail Polish Application

Our expert beauticians offer nail colour polishing of your choice.

Tranquility Ritual

The tranquility journey begins with a fruity peel scrub that eliminates keratinised cells and makes skin smooth, hydrated and luminous.  This is followed by a tranquility mask to tone and relax the skin and deeper tissue.  An aromatic body nourishing cream fosters silky, toned skin while the exclusive aromatic blend creates a unique sensorial experience.

Under Arm Waxing

Our expert beauticians offer under arm waxing.